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Investing in Good Companies

Welcome! We are a different asset management company:

  • Our unique fundamental portfolio characteristics result in a higher probability of outperformance
  • Our stock selection has superior ESG & Sustainability scores and very low Carbon Footprint
  • As significant co-investors in our funds we have skin-in-the game

A sweet & sour cocktail full of potential surprises

ARTICO Sustainable Equity Funds

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Investment Strategy
Unique Portfolio Characteristics Deliver Superior Performance

The higher outperformance probability comes from investing in companies with high scores in the following 5 dimensions:


Our proprietary research on relevant fundamental selection criteria is the foundation of our fundamental model. We published the key results in the Wilmott Magazine

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and a shortened version in Finanz und Wirtschaft

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Our Outperformance comes from three sources:

  1. The fundamentally best companies have a higher probability to outperform
  2. Diversifying into a large number of good companies ensures robust outcomes
  3. Investing beyond benchmarks creates a larger set of opportunities
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Fully Integrated ESG/Sustainability Criteria


What is our Motivation to apply ESG?

High ESG scores will outperform, because they:

  • Are a good proxy for superior management
  • Will attract significant institutional flows
  • Contribute to Investment Risk Mitigation

What makes our Approach to ESG unique?

We create portfolios with superior fundamental characteristics and very high ESG Scores and very low Carbon Footprint at the same time

What is the expected Performance impact of ESG?

We analyzed the MSCI ESG database and developed our own ARTICO ESG factor, which is a good predictor of future outperformance


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A Team of Experienced Partners co-invested in our funds

Dr. Ulrich Niederer
Chairman and Senior Partner

As Chairman of ARTICO Partners, Ulrich oversees the business strategy, the product development and the investment activities of the firm. Operationally, he is directly responsible for Risk Management and Compliance. Ulrich is a Founding Partner of ARTICO.

Ulrich has more than 30 years of investment experience and started his career as quantitative research analyst in 1986 at the then Swiss Bank Corporation. His various functions at SBC and later UBS Global Asset Management included: Chief Investment Officer, Co-CEO Switzerland, Chairman of the Swiss Business and Head of the Alternative Investment Management Business (Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Infrastructure). Ulrich holds a PhD in Nuclear Physics from University of Basle.

Dr. Gabriel Herrera
CEO and Senior Partner

As CEO of ARTICO Partners, Gabriel is responsible for all aspects of the business including the product development, client relationships and the investment activities of the firm. Gabriel is a Founding Partner of ARTICO.

Gabriel has more than 30 years of investment experience and started his career as equity research analyst in 1987 at the then Swiss Bank Corporation. His various functions at SBC and later UBS Global Asset Management included: Head of Equity Research, Co-CEO Switzerland and then CEO Europe Middle East & Africa. Gabriel holds a PhD in Economics from University of Basle.

Tero Toivanen
CIO and Partner

As Chief Investment Officer Tero is responsible for the research and development of investment strategies and portfolios. His responsibilities include the continued development of the investment platform and the portfolio management of ARTICO funds.

Tero’s background contains several years of experience in global equity portfolio management and prior experience in the areas of software development, quality management and team leadership. Tero holds MsC in computer science from the Helsinki University of Technology and MBA from the Purdue University. Tero is also a CFA Charterholder.

Michael Brenneis
Head PM and Partner

Michael’s main responsibility is the portfolio management of ARTICO funds. His further responsibilities include the development of the investment platform, and research and development of investment products and strategies.

Michael holds diploma certificate in electrical engineering and MBA from the university of South Australia. He has several years of experience in global equity portfolio management and prior experience in software development in the areas of telecommunications, medical engineering and finance.

Andreas Konrad
COO and Partner

As Chief Operating Officer of ARTICO, Andreas is responsible for the operational part of the investment management, including the fund operations and trading activities.

Andreas‘ background involves several years of work experience in the finance industry, mainly in global equity trading and operations functions. He is holder of Swiss federal diploma in business organization and a diploma in applied psychology.

Stephan Meier
Investor Relations and Partner

Stephan’s main responsibility is the management of Artico’s relationship to professional and qualified investors in our funds.

Stephan has more than 30 years of investment experience and started his career as equity research analyst in 1987 at the then Swiss Bank Corporation, later UBS. His functions included: Head of Portfolio Management for Swiss Equities, Head of Product Management for Institutional Funds. He worked as CEO of the respective asset management business for Bank am Bellevue, the BZ and Clariden Leu. Stephan holds a Masters in Economics from the University of Basle and the CEFA title from the AZEK. He is a Board Member of the Swiss Financial Analyst Association and AZEK.

As significant co-investors in our funds at the same conditions than our clients, we have „skin-in-the-game“. Is there a better way to fully align our interests?

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Board of Directors ARTICO Partners AG

Dr. Ulrich Niederer, Chairman
  • Dr. Gabriel Herrera
  • Thomas Huber (Independent Director)
  • Neil Stiefel (Independent Director)
  • Dominique Bertrand award 2018 winner switzerland


A sweet & sour cocktail full of potential surprises

 Markets look already into 2021/2022, but remain exposed to short term volatility 

  • The sharpest decline in history was followed by the steepest recovery in history. 
  • In April Global Developed Markets were up 10.9%, Global Small Caps gained 12.5% and Emerging Markets were up 9.2%.
  • Markets are exposed to big short term uncertainties, but have shifted focus into 2021/2022, explaining the current disconnect between recovering equity markets and deteriorating economic news
  • After Corona, markets will have to deal with unprecedented fiscal deficits and inflated central bank balance sheets. Could be a further step towards a currency reform. 
  • „Asset Price Inflation, Part 2“ is likely to play in the years to come. Logic investment focus should therefore be on real assets which is favorable to equities.
  • Expect large swings in the short term
  • The potential sour ingredients are many: Worse than expected recession, serious EURO-zone instability, rising tensions between US and China and a worsening of the global pandemic (second waves, global surge of new hotspots)
  • The possible sweeteners are faster than expected progress on the medical cure and vaccine front, a faster return to normality and the economic benefits from unprecedented monetary and fiscal stimulus
  • It is more than ever a good strategy to stay invested in fundamentally good companies
  • The companies we invest in have a unique combination of characteristics which cannot be found elsewhere: high growth ratessuperior profitability, higher ESG quality score, a very low carbon footprint and a big valuation discount at the same time. 
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The Great Paradox: A Huge Price-Tag for Slowing the Virus

ARTICO is fully operational during these turbulent times. Since over three weeks we have switched to home-office mode and remote access works very well for all our tasks. We do regular partner meetings over Skype and keep an optimistic attitude that at some point the current storm will be over. In the meantime, you can reach us via mail or phone anytime. Stay healthy!
  • Within a few weeks the world has been turned upside down: Panic resulted in a large sell-off in March with some recovery towards the end of the month 
  • YTD Global Developed Markets were down 21.1%, Global Small Caps lost 29.3% and Emerging Markets were down 23.6%.
  • Only hindsight will tell whether the global lockdown was the right choice to preserve humanity and its medical system or whether the economic, social and humanitarian consequences of this lockdown will unfold as the much more terrible outcome
  • Strict quarantine measures seem to mitigate the spreading of the virus. Social distancing, tracing apps and systematic testing pave the way for a termination of the lockdowns. Progress can also be expected from the therapeutic front.
  • The post-pandemic world, however, will be one with huge fiscal debt burden and unimaginably inflated central bank balance sheets
  • A sharp recession is also inevitable. It is however unclear how fast the recovery will be.
  • Valuations look of course attractive, but impact of lockdown is not yet reflected in actual Sales figures.
  • Financial Crisis fears will rise due to latent EURO-zone instability and uncertainties surrounding the level of leverage and related credit risks across the system.
  • Stay the course of your strategy, re-balance systematically and if you were underinvested in equities, consider a phased approach to build up your risk positions.
  • It is more than ever a good strategy to stay invested in fundamentally good companies

Sustainable Investing: Encouraging Evidence for Investors!

Is sustainable investing a positive or negative contributor to outperformance? And how patient do investors need to be to capitalize on any positive effects? Our research results answer these questions and our conclusions on the required time horizon may come as a surprise for investors hesitating to introduce sustainable investing.

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